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FIAT Coupe

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A Dream Which Will Never Come True

Up untill 4 months ago i was sure that the day will come and i'll leave the Fiat dealership with a brand new Fiat Coupe, but unfortunatly to me the importer has taken a new general manager who thinks that Fiat shouldnt sell the Coupe here in Israel.

The new general manager (Mr. Yaki Anoch) is a former general manager of the Mazda importer here
in Israel, and I think thats the base of this stupidity.

Can you imagine, a person that sold up untill now only boring japanese cars to the public is now
trying to sell Italian cars with the same marketing concept (1600cc with Automatic transmission - the most popular car types in Israel). He even stoped bringing the Bravo with manual transmission (not to mention the Bravo GT and HGT) and the Fiat Punto Coupe won't arrive to Israel, how stupid can one
get ?!

Italian cars by nature are more "Hot" than japanese cars, you cant market those cars on the same base, the only reason my family (and every other Italian car lover in Israel) has always bought Italian cars was to avoid buying those lame/boring japanese cars.

So Mr. Anoch, if you are reading this, please do us all Italian car lovers here in Israel a favor and
quit your job, you are killing the Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Lancia brands here in Israel with your strategy and way of thinking.

Shaul Boilov
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