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Site news and updates.

Technical Information

Technical information about the entire Bravo range.

Bravo - Most Reliable

A poll maid by the Automotor and Sport Magazine prooving that the FIAT Bravo is the most reliable car.

Bravo Pictures

The gallery part of this site.

Personal Impression

My personal impression of life with a FIAT Bravo.


The FIAT Bravo Forum, shared with The FIAT Bravo and Brava site.

Fan Club

The FIAT Bravo Fan Club.

My Family's FIATs

My familys history with FIATs.

My Dream Car

My Dream FIAT - The FIAT Coupe.

The Ultimate Dream

My ultimate dream car - Maserati 3200GT. (including pictures and technical information)

Other People's Cars

Pictures that were sent to me by other FIAT enthusiats.


Vote for your favorite FIAT.

Sports Car Poll

Vote for your favorite sports car.

FIAT S.p.A. Sites

Official FIAT Sites.

Car Links

Links to other sites about cars.

Non-Car Links

Links to non-automotive sites.

Site Awards

Awards this site have received.

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