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Personal Impression of My Car

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Well one and a half years and 24,000 km after I bought this car this is what I can tell you about it.

The Acceleration: 11.5 seconds (should be 11 according to the mannual) is quit good, the car loves high revs and will race forword at your demand, all you have to do is to keep it around 4,000 rpm.

At lower revs the car is somewhat lazy, and will not accelerate too quickly.

While driving in an urban cycle, the car is pretty comfortable.

High Speed driving is very good, and the car is stable even around the 200 kmn mark. (yes, the car does go that fast).

Handeling: Great, the car is very stable and can take almost every curve at medium speed ( 80 - 120 kmh ).
pushing the gas pedale al the way down in a 90 degrees turn at low speed ( 40 - 60 kmh ) make the car slide a bit but generally it wont even do that.

Fuel Consumption: 1 liter every 7 km, now I know that thats a high consumption but I must addmit that I'm pushing the car to its limit every chance I get, so I guess that's my fault.
I did check the car on a long ride on a more "normal speed" and the consumption went down to 1 liter every 14 km. (I guess the problem is with the driver :) )

Sound Proofing: the sound proofing is fairly good, there is a little engine noise comming in, but nothing too noisy, I never really paid too much attention to the sound proofing since I always drive with the windows open. (I love the sound of this engine :)

Problems: so far, two "glitches".

1. The clutch wire got torn, and the new one sounded the same as the first one before it got torn the first time.
I got it checked about 2 months later and it's ok. it won't get torn again.

2. The Driver's chair raising mechanisem got broke and the whole chair was replaced at no charge.

Technical Problems

The cluch which was probably faulty went to hell, and was replaced after 20,000 km of use.

General: The sitting position is very good and has somewhat of a sporty position. the stearing wheel is very good and has a very good grip.

The Stereo System: The original radio was removed and a new stereo system was installed. (installation done by Disk Montana in Tel Aviv)

Players: Nakamichi TD-10 cassette deck, Nakamichi MB-7 cd-changer.

Amps: Tops 4x75 watts amp. for the speakers and an MTX 1x240 watts for the Subwoofer.

Speakers: Front - 5 1/4 inch Altec Lansing 60 rms speakers Component with passive crossovers.

Back - 6x9 inch Altec Lansing Speakers 120 watts (60 rms) .

Subwoofer - MTX BlueThunder 250 watts

(now imagine all of that blasting AC/DC's "Highway to Hell" at 160kmh)