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All Wallpapers are copyrighted to Shaul Boilov 1998

1. Click on the thumbnails for the bigger picture
2. Right-Click the wallpaper and choose "Set as Background"
3. Currently only 800x600 resolution , for lower/higher resolution, please email me
4. If you'd like a wallpaper made from your car's picture let me know, although I'm not a professional I ....would be more than happy to make you one.
5. More wallpapers can be found at the The Unofficial Fiat Bravo Website
6. Wallpapers can be freely distributed as long as they are unchanged.

Fiat Bravo Wallpaper
Fiat Bravo SX Wallpaper 51kb
800x600 ( 51 Kbytes )

Alfa Spider Wallpaper
Alfa Spider Wallpaper 57kb
800x600 ( 57Kbytes )