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  .This page will be updated anytime the site is updated.

On August 7th I've started this site because I haven't found any site that is dedicated to the Fiat
Bravo, and I continued updating it almost on a daily basis since than. but only now (Feb 2nd 1999) I start this news and updates page, since I find it most usefull for site visitors.

Soon to come
More Fiat Bravo picture, I'll need help from you guys/gals for this - feel free to send pictures
Pictures of my Dad's and Sister's cars.
More wallpapers

Jul 24 1999 - I've added links to the FIAT Punto site and to the FIAT Centenary site also more
pictures added to the
other people's cars section of the site.

May 14 1999 - I've added a car related search engine link to the AutomilesSites.Com site to the Car Related Links Page

Apr 2 1999 - The page had some minor changes and a link to the Lancia Lybra website was added

Mar 18 1999 - The face life is finished (finally), I hope you'd like how the site looks now.

Mar 13 1999 - The face life is going well, I've finally found the right layout for the rest of the pages.

Mar 13 1999 - The main part of the face lift is done, and the Main Page looks much better than before, hope you like it, if you have any comments suggestions send e-mail to - More changes soon to follow...

Mar 6 1999 - I've done some "face lift" to site - The frames version got improved and I've changed the look of the Bravo Picture Gallery. More changes soon to come.

Feb 28 1999 - I've added Irving's Fiat Bravo SX 1.6 16v Car pictures to the other people's car pictures section.

Feb 27 1999 - I've added a forum - The Fiat Bravo Forum - a joined project with Paul Renowden,
owner and designer of
The Unofficial Fiat Bravo Website. (Great Site!)

Feb 26 1999 - I've added more pictures Ultimate Dream Car page courtesy of Serdar Aytamaner from Turkey (Thanks again Serdar !) and Socrates Siskos's Fiat Bravo SX TD 100 car picture to the other people's car pictures section.

Feb 13 1999 - I've added a new page to the site - Fiat Bravo / Brava - most reliable cars - Don't belive me? read for yourself.

Feb 12 1999 - I've added car tuning sites links to the Car Related Links Page

Feb 10 1999 - I've added Swatch Internet Time to the Main Page so you guys can know when i'm
online without having to depend on me to run ICQ.

Feb 5 1999 - I've added the technical specification of my Ultimate Dream Car

Feb 4 1999 - I've added the technical information of all the Bravo Range and in the gallery I've made the pictures local.

Feb 2 1999 - The banners and search engine were removed from all pages for a more quick page loading.