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My Bravo
First Generation Bravo

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1.6 16v
No. of cylinders, arrangement

4 in line, front transverse

Bore x stroke (mm) 86,4 x 67,4
Capacity (cc) 1581
Compression ratio 10,15: 1
Max. power output: bhp-EC (kW-EC) 103 (76)
at rpm 5750
Peak torque: kgm-EC (Nm-EC) 14,7 (144)
at rpm 4000
Timing system (control) 2 OHC (toothed belt) with hydraulic tappets
Fuel feed electronic MPI
Ignition electronic static ignition, integrated with injection
Gear ratios:
1st 3,909:1
2nd 2,238:1
3rd 1,520:1
4th 1,156:1
5th 0,971:1
Reverse 3,909:1
Final reduction ratio (no. of teeth) 3,353:1
Type rack and pinion with power steering
Turning circle (m) 10,4
BRAKES - D (disc) - T (drum) 1.6
Front: dia. mm D 257
Rear: dia. mm T 203
Front independent MacPherson type, with transverse lower wishbones anchored to an auxiliary cross-member, anti-roll bar
Rear independent type, with longitudinal trailing arms anchored to an auxiliary cross-member, anti-roll bar
Wheelbase (mm) 2540
Front/rear track* (mm) 1439/1441
Length/Width/Height* (m) 4,02/1,75/1,42
Boot capacity VDA (dm3) 280-1030
Tyres 185/60 R 14 82 H
Battery capacity (Ah) 50
Alternator: max. current (A) 75
Kerb weight DIN (kg) 1050
Fuel tank capacity (litres) 50
Top speed (km/h) 184
Acceleration (secs.): 0 to 100 km/h 11
(2 adults + 20 kg): 0 to 1000 m 32
CONSUMPTION (l/100 km)
EC 93/116 directive
urban cycle/out-of-town/combined 11/6,5/8,2
unladen fuel